For I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ.

(Galatians 1:12) ESV

Some things are self-evident, or at the least easily deducible with simple logic. To me the relationship between two facts a) God can’t lie, and b) the Bible is true, is self-evident.

However a doubtful Christian once asked me to substantiate the logical connection between God can’t lie and the Bible is true. I think that they wanted to be able to say that they believed in God while not believing a word that He said. The overriding concern was clearly to maintain full compliance with the popular science paradigm. If God can’t lie means that the Bible is true, then how do you figure all the messy issues like creation vs. evolution?

We deal with that and other issues in a very satisfying way. It’s possible to harmonize science with the Bible. No scripture is contradicted and no physical laws are broken. We can, in fact, account for the origin of the physical laws. That’s what Matty’s Paradigm is, a unified theory of everything.

Some time ago it struck us that it would be funny and ironic to write a parody of Newton’s Principia Mathematica called Principia Mattymatica. It’s about having fun, right? While expressing our unique perspective on the world. The idea was to set the record straight while copying the structure he used in his book. The exercise has been very productive.

To make a long story short, God can’t lie, and the Bible is true is a principle which has been deduced from the axioms of Principia Mattymatica. This is also the Why did God create the universe? devotional for October.


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  1. Again, thanks for your responsiveness! Would it be possible to communicate with you privately? I am starting “in the beginning” – lol – day 1 and following of the WHY section at mattysparadigm – but by day 2 there is already a doctrinal difference I want to debate – not sure you want to go back and forth here? My email is: botswana1014@gmail.com


  2. Thanks for the timely reply on the above! Do you have any information, or have you accounted in your cosmology the 17 instances in the Scriptures where it mentions that God “stretched out the heavens?”
    (Psalm 104:2; Isaiah 40:22; Jeremiah 10:12; Zachariah 12:1; 2 Samuel 22:10; Psalm 18:9; Psalm 144:5; Job 9:8; Job 26:7; Job 37:18; Isaiah 42:5; Isaiah 44:24; Isaiah 45:12; Isaiah 48:13; Isaiah 51:13; Jeremiah 51:15 and Ezekiel 1:22)


    1. Raqia. Take a look at this post:
      However the whole month of February we consider that the creative act of the 2nd day was the creation of gravity.
      Gravity caused the earth to be deposited as concentric layers of sediment around a singularity, and it caused the formation of the heavens – a stretched out thinness – on the edge of space.
      This is integral to the Biblical doctrine of gravity.


  3. Sorry to contact you here – but couldn’t figure out any other way to reach you. RE: your July 6 post on Mattysparadigm – you said “It is impossible for Satan to have been in the garden of Eden to beguile Eve. Although regarded as the mastermind of a rebellion in heaven which predates the fall of man he is merely an opportunist.” Doesn’t this contradict Ezekiel 28:13 – or if not – can you explain who is this referring to in Ezekiel 28:13. Thanks


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