Why did God create creation?

We argue all the time about whether there is a God or not. Or, if there is a God, and he is supposedly loving, why would he send people to hell? The concept of hell is enough of a reason why many people reject God out of hand. Of those who accept Him there is total confusion, as shown by the resurgence of the flat earth movement. Does the Bible teach that the earth is flat? That’s another great reason for many people to reject God and the Bible.

Is it possible to find some sense in all this confusion?


God created creation for a specific purpose. Understanding this purpose gives us a way to understand all of science and nature. It also gives us the understanding we so badly need about God’s plan of redemption. I can tell you that you need to be saved, but if your response is “from what?” I may be wasting my time. It is a burden. How do we reach out to a lost and dying world with a message of love and peace, and yet convey the urgency of the matter regarding the soul’s eternal plight, in hell, for those who don’t believe? How do we overcome the seemingly overwhelming domination of our minds by the scientific narrative of godless existence?

Daily Devotion

A year-long daily devotion that reconciles science with the Bible

From the 6 days of creation to the new heaven and new earth

  1. The first day
  2. The second day
  3. The third day
  4. The fourth day
  5. The fifth day
  6. The sixth day
  7. The fall
  8. The flood
  9. Pangaea
  10. God walks among us
  11. The lifting up of Jerusalem
  12. New heaven and new earth