Go with Him Two

And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.

(Matthew 5:41) NKJV

Social Media and the Great Commission: Part 4

  • If someone likes 1 of your pictures,
  • Like 2 of theirs.

You might be concerned about liking a picture of a big bale of Marijuana, a babe who’s falling out of her top, assorted pharmaceuticals, a rag-tag bunch of African orphans, an overweight guy in the reception area of a funeral parlor, a freshly poured class of ice cold beer, a Saudi Prince showing off his gold-plated Lamborghini, or a millennial mom taking her 2 month old baby on a shopping extravaganza. That’s understandable. You’re hung up on the idea that you liking a picture is an endorsement of the content.

Look at it from another angle. Are you judging them? Have you seen the content and decided that it’s unacceptable? It doesn’t meet the standards that you think are appropriate? What if we eliminate judgement and use it as an opportunity to acknowledge the other person? Someone chose to share something as a way of feeling a connection to their friends and community, taking note of that is an affirmation to them that they’re not alone. Have we just turned an obstacle into a connection?

When someone like one of our pictures, we usually like 3 of theirs. There’s nothing to it. How much trouble is it? It’s not like actually walking 2 miles.


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