Matty Lawrence

Is Britain’s leading authority on Botanical Malfactions in Galaxial and Intergalactic Communications.

At least, that’s what his Grandad thought he would be. By a curious coincidence, Matty’s Grandad also foretold of Matty being an Orthodox Galactic Taxi Driver. Obviously this was long before Uber.

Matthew screwed up many opportunities until he got saved by trusting in Jesus Christ in July, 1997.  He read the Koran and the Holy Bible and sought full time Christian service.  After that he spent time with various religious denominations including Southern Baptist, Unitarian Universalist, Jehovah’s Witness, Judea Reform, Presbyterian, Episcopalian and Independent Fundamental Baptist.

He has worked as a Church Custodian, Facilities Manager and is currently Music Director at Open Door Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Matthew has spent many years trying to convince himself that it is best to keep his mouth shut.  He has lived a double life as a mild mannered janitor.

Those days are over.

Matty’s Paradigm

Is a collection of blog posts that will teach you that all of the major scientific arguments against the Bible are based on assumptions. These assumptions are wrong. You will learn that Evolution is not a benign system that describes biodiversity, but it is in fact a theoretical construct designed to show that our existence does not depend on a creator.

Biblio’s Blood

A novel now serializing somewhere near you, combines Matty’s knowledge of biology with spiritual principles from the Bible.

What if Frankenstein met the Terminator then visited Dante’s Inferno?  Set in Utah at the end of days this SciFi epic asks the questions: could a self-aware computer be born again? what if it were transgender?


Why did God create creation?

We argue all the time about whether there is a God or not. Or, if there is a God, and he is supposedly loving, why would he send people to hell? The concept of hell is enough of a reason why many people reject God out of hand. Of those who accept Him there is total confusion, as shown by the resurgence of the flat earth movement. Does the Bible teach that the earth is flat? That’s another great reason for many people to reject God and the Bible.

Is it possible to find some sense in all this confusion?



8 Replies to “About”

  1. Again, thanks for your responsiveness! Would it be possible to communicate with you privately? I am starting “in the beginning” – lol – day 1 and following of the WHY section at mattysparadigm – but by day 2 there is already a doctrinal difference I want to debate – not sure you want to go back and forth here? My email is: botswana1014@gmail.com


  2. Thanks for the timely reply on the above! Do you have any information, or have you accounted in your cosmology the 17 instances in the Scriptures where it mentions that God “stretched out the heavens?”
    (Psalm 104:2; Isaiah 40:22; Jeremiah 10:12; Zachariah 12:1; 2 Samuel 22:10; Psalm 18:9; Psalm 144:5; Job 9:8; Job 26:7; Job 37:18; Isaiah 42:5; Isaiah 44:24; Isaiah 45:12; Isaiah 48:13; Isaiah 51:13; Jeremiah 51:15 and Ezekiel 1:22)


    1. Raqia. Take a look at this post:
      However the whole month of February we consider that the creative act of the 2nd day was the creation of gravity.
      Gravity caused the earth to be deposited as concentric layers of sediment around a singularity, and it caused the formation of the heavens – a stretched out thinness – on the edge of space.
      This is integral to the Biblical doctrine of gravity.


  3. Sorry to contact you here – but couldn’t figure out any other way to reach you. RE: your July 6 post on Mattysparadigm – you said “It is impossible for Satan to have been in the garden of Eden to beguile Eve. Although regarded as the mastermind of a rebellion in heaven which predates the fall of man he is merely an opportunist.” Doesn’t this contradict Ezekiel 28:13 – or if not – can you explain who is this referring to in Ezekiel 28:13. Thanks


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