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“Is that from Naruto?”

First tattoo appointment August 25, 2022

The talented Jennifer Spencer at Earth’s Edge Tattoos

Steampunk Sniper

I think I only dressed up for Halloween one time in the last 35+ years but for some reason I decided that this year was my year.

I got the kernel of the idea with a few items I picked up at Spirit of Halloween, but the idea kept on growing until I had decided to make a Steampunk brass sniper rifle.

2018-10-27 10.21.28.jpg

It started with a $10 kids gun from Dollar General Store.

2018-10-27 10.22.33I went through the kitchen drawers and unpacked moving boxes to find things to modify it with.

2018-10-27 10.22.44.jpg

I used odds and ends that I have had for 25 years.

Then it was time to take it apart and paint it.

2018-10-30 14.39.45-1.jpg

I was taking this very seriously…

2018-10-30 19.45.53

I was really pleased with the final result.