Testable Hypotheses

Predictive testable Hypotheses are used to support a Theory

Hypotheses are part of the process which we refer to as the scientific method. A hypothesis is a question that we can ask in the form of an experiment which produces a result.

If our theory is correct then the result of the experiment will confirm the hypothesis. The scientific method has a few simple rules.

  1. Theories are based on hypotheses.
  2. Hypotheses are scientific if they are predictive and testable.

Therefore Matty’s Paradigm can only be a theory of creation if it’s based on predictive testable hypotheses.

A technical note here is that, technically speaking, a scientific hypothesis must be predictive, testable and falsifiable. The problem with this is that the truth can’t be falsified, if it could it wouldn’t be true. Using falsifiability as a measure of scientific validity has the effect of making mainstream science (SciPop) and the truth MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. This is known as Popper’s Paradox.

If you care to look at these predictive testable hypotheses you’ll see that we (that’s me and the Holy spirit) are demonstrating an inherent weakness of the scientific method. It’s fair to say that the scientific method may be used to destroy the scientific method, that’s how utterly ridiculous it is. It’s what happens when you let atheist intellectual elites design the process by which you investigate the truth. The truth is that God is a Spirit. Atheists don’t want you to know that. Therefore the scientific method is designed to make finding the truth impossible.

Classes of Hypothesis

CreationC Hypotheses
DevolutionaryD Hypotheses
GeocentrosphericG Hypotheses
GravitationalGR Hypotheses
ScripturalS Hypotheses
– Classes of Predictive Testable Hypotheses
HypothesisWHY? Date
1The Core Accretion Model of Planet FormationFebruary 5
2Life Began in Zero GravityJanuary 29
3The Firmament is MassiveOctober 26
4The Sands of MarsAugust 8
5Hell Expanding and Ocean WarmingNovember 22
6Redshift isn’t a Measure of Recession SpeedOctober 12
7Let Light Be (LLB) NucleosynthesisJanuary 21
8The Pillars of the EarthMarch 22
9Celestial NavigationApril 10
10Variable Nuclear DecayJuly 30
11The God Test 1 – TithingJanuary 6
12The God Test 2 – Gamaliel’s CounselJune 28
13Gravitational Waves and the Human SoulJune 10
14The Nobel Prize for Circumstantial EvidenceJanuary 24
15Gravitational Time DilationOctober 11
16The God Test 3 – No ExcuseJanuary 6
17The Qur’an
18Identities of ChristJanuary 25
19The Windows of Heaven and Noah’s FloodAugust 19
20The Great Flood Anoxic EventAugust 20
21Deducing GravityFebruary 2
22Biblical LiteralismMarch 3
23The Origin of “the Deep”January 11
24AI Will Deduce Biblical Truth
25The Word Encodes as DNAJanuary 26
26Life Began in Zero-GFebruary 2
27Souls Originate in the Center of the EarthJune 2
28“The Grave” is the Mantle, “the Pit” is the CoreMarch 20
29Asteroids, Stars and the Kuiper BeltJuly 29
30Stars are ReflectiveApril 6
31Bowen’s Reaction Series and Stratification of the FirmamentFebruary 15
32The Soul is our Individual IdentityJune 6
33Freshwater Fish and Aquatic CommunitiesSeptember 3
34The Mind of ChristMay 21
35Peleg’s TectonicsSeptember 1
36Occam’s TwitterMarch 9
37Thermodynamic Weather SystemsJanuary 27
38Is Vladimir Putin Reading our Tweets?July 9
39For When You Really Need a MiracleJuly 21
40Am I Elijah?April 12
41Intellectual Integrity


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