Hypothesis 11

The God Test 1 – Tithing

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 11

  • IF God gave us instructions for how to get proof of His existence,
    • AND if we follow the instructions,
  • THEN we will get proof of the existence of God.
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The God Test 1Hypothesis 11
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The God Test 1Malachi 3:10 vs. Luke 4:12
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Predictive Testable Hypothesis 11 Experimental Procedure

  1. GoFundMe
    • We offered to start a GoFundMe.
      • Any non-believer who wants proof of God can tithe their income to it and see the proof of God for themselves as he works in their life to bring about blessings that are so great they won’t be able to contain them.
    • However, we don’t want non-believers giving us money.
      • We developed the following experimental procedure:
      • It’s predictive, testable and repeatable (that means it’s scientific)
        1. find a local church in your area,
          • preferably in a economically depressed area,
        2. tithe your money to them,
        3. watch the miracles that will happen in your life and the life of the community.
  2. Null Hypothesis
    • Non-believers aren’t going to tithe their income,
      • they don’t want proof of God,
      • that’s rhetoric that they use to make themselves feel superior.
    • In this case the test will show that:
      1. When scientific investigation produces an unwanted outcome it’s ignored.
      2. Denying God depends on willful ignorance.


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