Atheism is Proof of God

  1. A[theism] can’t exist without -[theism].
  2. You can’t deny a God who doesn’t exist.
  3. Therefore, atheism is proof of God.

Pink Unicorns and the Scientific Method

When atheist science trolls (ASTs) get lazy, the Pink Unicorn isn’t far behind.

Effect, Cause and the Reprobate Mind

The “reprobate mind” in Romans 1:28 results from rejecting the relationship between cause and effect.

Atheist Science Troll Handbook

Atheist science trolls (ASTs) and scientifically illiterate science worshipers (SISW) have predictable behavior and responses.


Atheism isn’t intellectually viable. The theoretical foundation of popular science (SciPop) has been destroyed. Join the religion in which you worship your own opinion.

Atheism – Navigation

1SynopsisRevelation 21:1-3
2A Testable Hypothesis for GodMalachi 3:10
3Atheism isn’t Intellectually ViablePsalms 53:1
4Effect, Cause and the Reprobate MindRomans 1:28
5Glorious LibertyRomans 8:18-21
6It’s Game Over for Atheism1 Peter 3:16
7Pink Unicorns and the Scientific Method1 Timothy 6:20
8The Cluelessness Event Horizon (CEH)Proverbs 29:9
9The Failure of Science and the Implosion of AtheismJohn 15:18-19
Atheist Science Troll Handbook
– Navigate your way around Atheism.
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