The Spectrum of Belief

What you believe is a choice. Sadly, you may be unaware of this. You probably believe “science.” Science, you have been taught, is fact. Anything else, especially that Christian mumbo-jumbo about the Bible, is just stupid.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

“Scientific facts,” are only made possible because you have faith in a paradigm. This is referred to as the Dominant Paradigm of Modern Science (DPMS). Outside of the paradigm they aren’t facts, just circular reasoning where a pre-selected conclusion has been rationalized by what looks like clever logical arguments. The arguments are indeed logical and clever, but they are based on having already chosen what you want to believe.

Except that you didn’t know that.

If you believe in “science,” then you have blind faith. You probably would not even know where to start when it comes down to explaining the rationale for why you believe what you do. Indeed, science is the new ignorance. Having said that, Christianity, for the most part, also believes science. This can be to a greater or lesser degree depending on whether your church is liberal or fundamental, but there is a lot of science in there regardless of what you call yourselves.

Then there are the outliers. The lunatic fringe, as it were, that have some notions that are beyond fundamentalism but, sadly, still weighed down with a lot of scientific baggage. Geocentrism comes to mind as a group that, while attempting to be faithful to what they believe the Bible teaches, still try to do so within the paradigm of scientific thought.

Flat Earth doesn’t even count. That’s just stupid.

What this does is set up a spectrum of belief, regarding Biblical revelation of God, that spans from believing nothing (the DPMS) to believing everything. Most people fall somewhere along this spectrum.

So where does this put Matty’s Paradigm on the belief spectrum? Beyond anything else you have ever seen.

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