The meaning of words is to a large extent context-dependent. When our context includes nucleosynthesis on the 1st day, the inception of gravity on the 2nd day, and the development of a spherical hollow earth on the 3rd day, this brings a new level of understanding to the meaning of the Hebrew words from which the Bible has been translated.

There are several Hebrew words which have been essential in deducing the physics of creation. In fact, deducing the physics of creation has given meaning to the words which was not apparent to the Bronze Age goat herders who wrote the Bible, but which is now obvious from the context.

Hebrew Physics

A space betweenבֵּ֥יןbayinGen. 1:42/9
Be discouragedיָר֔וּץratsatsIsa. 42:4Discouragement
Beneathמִתַּ֛חַתtachatIsa. 14:93/27
Brought forthחוֹלָ֑לְתִּיcholaltiPr. 8:241/3
Circle, sphereח֣וּגchugIsa. 40:222/13
DiscernבִּיןbinGen. 1:62/9
Lowestתַּחְתִּ֑יתtachtiPs. 86:133/27
SidesבְּיַרְכְּתֵיbeyerekahEze. 32:223/20
Strengthenedבַּ֝עֲז֗וֹזbaazozPr. 8:283/8

Hebrew Gravity Concepts

Descendingיֹ֝רְד֗וֹתyoredotProverbs 7:27
He hath establishedמֵכִ֥יןmechinJer. 10:12, 51:152/4
Settethשָׂ֤םsumJob 28:32/5
Setteth fastמֵכִ֥יןmechinPsalms 65:62/4
Thereof fastenedטָבַעtabaJob 38:42/3
They sankוְצַלְמָֽוֶתtsalmavethExodus 15:102/5
To sink, sankיִמַּ֣ךְmakakEc. 10:182/4
Were settledטָבַעtabaProverbs 8:252/3
– A doctrine of gravity is extensively developed in the OT Hebrew.

Job 28:3 Translation

HebrewLiteral TranslationMeaningTransliteration
Gravity as a Process
קֵ֤ץAn endat the end of timeqets
שָׂ֤ם[Man] putsto put, place, setsum
לַחֹ֗שֶׁךְto darknessdarknesschoshek
וּֽלְכָלand everyto hang togetherulekal
ה֣וּאhehe, she, ithi
אֶ֖בֶןfor orea stoneeben
אֹ֣פֶלin the darknessgloom of the underworldophel
וְצַלְמָֽוֶתand the shadow of deathdeath-like shadowtsalmaveth
Job 28:3 Translation
– Hebrew sometimes doesn’t display correctly in WordPress tables, it may be reversed

The Firmament

To Form

The Highest Part


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