Matty’s Glossary

There is a lot of scientific jargon involved in discussing how the Bible perfectly harmonizes with all scientific observations. Plus we make stuff up when we think it serves the purpose of showing the vanity of popular science (SciPop), is ironic, or hilarious. We had no idea that destroying the theoretical foundation of SciPop would be so much fun!

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Galileo’s Bluff

GDE – Gravitational Drag Effect

Earth centered. Any of a variety of models that have the earth at the center of the universe. Now yoked together with the flat earth movement so it must be abandoned.

A Geocentric model promoted by the Association of Biblical Astronomers. It has the wrong application of Newtonian math and does not allow for a crystalline firmament.

People groups who believe in Geocentricity.


  • Geo – Earth
  • centro – centered
  • spheric – spherical

A spherical earth is at the center of a spherical cosmos, also known as the observable universe. It is empirical, which is to say, verifiable by direct observation.

Geocentrospheric Devolutionary Creation

Matty’s Paradigm is here to stay. As such it needs a formal name: Geocentrospheric Devolutionary Creation. It’s fairly self-explanatory, but we’re having fun explaining it.

– Geocentrospheric Devolutionary Creation


A spherical Earth is at the center of a spherical cosmos (the observable universe). Earth isn’t flat.
This is an empirical model that uses Kepler’s and Newton’s laws to show that the sun is less massive than the Earth (Matty’s Constant), and that there’s a rigid crystalline firmament on the edge of space which is 90% of the mass of the universe.

– Geocentrosphericity, definition

Geological Timescale
A fictional contrivance needed to provide the billions of years necessary for biological evolution. It is entirely based entirely on circular reasoning.

godless Existence
The Holy Grail of Science. An attempt to rationalize our existence that has no supernatural cause. Truth is rejected as its premise, and is an impossible conclusion.

GPS Time Dilation

At an orbital radius of 26,541 km above the center of the earth time passes faster on GPS satellites by 38,640 nanoseconds per day.

– GPS Time Dilation

Gravitational Constant G
The assumption that gravity is proportional to spacetime where spacetime is the causal factor. It is based on circumstantial evidence.

Gravitational Lensing
Experimental observations that gravity affects light. It is mistakenly believed to be proof of relativity, but relativity claims that gravity bends space, which is why light appears to bend. The bending of space is not observed, it is a theoretical abstraction.


The causal relationship between space-time and gravity is universally accepted but it’s an assumption based on circumstantial evidence. Instances of gravity, singularities or nodes, are created by God and have a specific quantity and frequency that affects the properties of the resultant body. Each human soul is a node of gravity which contains our consciousness and personality.

– Gravity, context

Gravity (A) is a field emitted from a created instance (a singularity) which causes a body to have attractive force (p) proportional to its mass and inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the source (pG).

G is the gravitational constant. This is a general physical law derived from empirical observations by using deduction.

– Matty’s Law of Biblical Gravitation

Gravity (terms)

Summary of Terms Used

Gravity Assists
A minor deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.

Gravity Well

  • A fictional contrivance used to make it look as if science can explain Kepler’s Laws. Used with Relativity to make you think that it’s real science. Probably the only time a hasbeen with spandex is socially acceptable.
  • A minor deity in the Atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.

Great Deep (The)
The waters below the earth’s mantle. Formerly it occupied the space referred to as the great gulf in Luke 16:26. Used to flood the earth at the time of Noah.


Hawking Effect
Theoretical science jargon is used to validate Star Trek Episodes. Named for Stephen Hawking, who re-engineered the scientific method as shown below:

The Scientific Method Post Hawking

  • If it’s plausible it’s possible.
  • If it’s possible it happened.
  • It has to have happened because we exist.
  • The chances of us existing are so remotely tiny that our existence proves our hypothesis (whatever it is).

Heaven – Used to describe any of 3 things:

  1. 1st heaven, atmosphere, sky or open firmament;
  2. 2nd heaven, celestial realm, cosmos;
  3. 3rd heaven, the firmament, sea of glass.


Hell is at the center of the earth and its expansion is the cause of global warming. This is a predictive testable hypothesis based on ocean water warming data. The location and size of hell are confirmed by seismological data.

Hell, process of

Brief Synopsis of the Broad Narrative of Physics

  1. Creation
    • Life began in zero-G on the 1st day with nucleosynthesis.
    • Gravity was created on the 2nd day,
      • the gravitational singularity at the center of the Earth is an assembly of souls,
        • Agape gravity (A) propels our souls away from the center of the Earth.
      • Phileo gravitational attraction (pG) causes matter to accumulate into a mass and sink towards the center of the Earth,
        • it caused a spherical Earth to form
        • at the center of a spherical cosmos (the observable universe),
      • the accumulated mass of pG at the center of the Earth causes Mosaic gravity (M),
        • elements with high atomic weights were concentrated in the center of the Earth.
    • There was no death before sin entered the world.
  2. The Fall
    • Sin entered the world and death by sin at the fall of man,
      • the initiation of nuclear decay started the processes of
        • entropy,
        • senescence,
        • evolution.
    • The core of the Earth melted and became what we call hell,
      • this is where the impurity and corruption of creation is accumulating,
      • after the war in heaven the rebellious angels were bound in hell by gravity.
    • The expansion of hell caused all of the catastrophic upheavals of Earth including:
      • the great flood of Noah,
      • the tectonic breakup of Pangaea.
    • The continued expansion of hell is the cause of global warming,
    • Believing in Jesus Christ (q) is the power to overcome M.
  3. Prophecy
    • In the future the firmament will roll up and the stars will fall to Earth,
    • the accumulated mass of corruption (hell) will be cast into outer darkness,
    • God will dwell on a new Earth at the center of creation.

Hell, reason for

The reason for hell is: temporary storage of the accumulated impurity and corruption of creation. It’s a function of of gravity and it’s required for the purification of creation.

Highest Part of the Dust of the Earth – see Ros.

Hitchen’s Razor

Hitchens’s razor is epistemological sleight-of-hand which fails to distinguish justified belief from opinion. It’s a tragic case of acquiring fame in the name of something that you don’t understand. It’s a major deity in the atheist pantheon, the subject of a lot of special pleading.

– Hitchens’s razor, new definition

Hypothesis – A truly scientific hypothesis must be predictive, testable, and any experimental result should be repeatable.


Hydrogen atoms, H+, are necessary for nucleosynthesis, but also for life. If we said that all metabolism is based on a process that produces a supply of H+ it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

– Hydrogen, significance



Inductive Reductive Circular reasoning (example)

Inductive Reductive Circular Reasoning

  • By assuming heliocentricity we can use stellar parallax to confirm heliocentricity.
  • We also assume that stars are distant suns and galaxies (synonymy).
  • By assuming that stars are distant suns we can use the assumption of heliocentricity to calculate vastly inflated distances to them.
  • The vastly inflated distances may be used with stellar spectroscopy to support the assumption of an ancient Earth (needed for biological evolution) as follows:
    1. spectra show that radioisotope ratios in stars match the ratios we measure on Earth,
    2. by assuming that the light has traveled for billions of years across the distances contrived by assuming heliocentricity,
    3. this supports the assumption that the rate of nuclear decay has been constant for billions of years.


The process of being cleansed of my sin and made holy, which is achieved through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.


Kepler’s Booby Trap


Levels of Hell

  1. CRUST sheol / erets / tebel
  2. MANTLE tavek sheol / tachti erets / mowcadah tebel
  3. GREAT GULFbad sheol / matsuq erets
  4. CORE sheol tachti / mowcadar erets

Light Speed

If time passes more slowly the closer we are to a source of gravity, but light speed is constant, we will perceive light speed as variable because the passage of time is changing. If we can’t measure any variation in the speed of light, but we can measure variation in the passage of time, then light speed is variable and proportional to gravity.



  1. Imaginary numerical and computational system, math exists in the mind when we have faith that numerals represent concepts.
  2. A universal language that allows us to achieve the otherwise impossible (see also Babel).
  3. Theoretical equivalent of fudge, infinitely malleable. Can be use to appear to rationalize absolutely anything (see also ETF), totally untrustworthy.
  4. A minor deity in the Atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.

Matty’s Constant

Matty’s Ellipse

Matty’s Paradigm

Matty’s Paradigm is profoundly different from the popular science (SciPop) paradigm. This means that it’s also very different from other attempts at a natural theology of the Bible using science.

– Matty’s Paradigm, context
  • A scientific theory of creation.
  • A Bible-based complete plug-in replacement for SciPop.
  • Your 1-stop shop for the total destruction of mainstream thought.
  • Geocentrospheric Devolutionary Creation.

Matty’s Parallax

Matty’s Razor

Fossils. Warm, equable climate. Continued inundation of low-lying continents and their synclines, a way of describing a global flood without saying the words “global flood.”

My Sin Things that I do wrong and am personally responsible for. The reason why I am under God’s judgment.


Newton’s Switcheroo


Occam’s Razor

Occam’s razor is a philosophical tenet which epitomizes the strong delusion (the scientific embodiment of willful ignorance) which is an excuse to ignore the truth whenever it’s inconvenient. It’s a major deity in the atheist pantheon, the subject of a lot of special pleading.

– Occam’s razor, definition

Open Firmament (1st Heaven) – The atmosphere, or sky below the celestial realm (2nd heaven). Where the birds fly.

A religion in which you worship your own opinion. Has supplanted atheism.

Warm, mild climates. Warm epicontinental seas with an abundance of green and red algae, which is a way of describing a global flood without saying the words “global flood.”

Original Sin The event in the Garden of Eden that caused the fallen, or corrupted state that the earth is in.


Paradigm – A framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community. such a cognitive framework shared by members of any discipline or group: the company’s business paradigm.

Peer Review

  1. The collective will of society promoting our existential hope,
  2. Maintains the internal logical consistency of the popular science paradigm,
  3. Inductive, reductive, circular reasoning designed to rationalize leaps of faith,
  4. A padded rail around the intellectual play pen where you are allowed to think,
  5. The blind leading the blind,
  6. A ruling deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.

Fossils. Uniformly warm, humid climates. Further intrusion of epicontinental seas, a way of describing a global flood without saying the words “global flood.”

A minor deity in the Atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.

Pillars of the Earth – Part of the spherical earth’s internal structure.

Planetary Mass values

Planetary Body Mass Values

BodyOld Mass [Kg]Matty’s ConstantNew Mass [Kg]
Earth5.972E+24 5.972E+24

Popular Science

Popular Science Axioms

The Axioms of Mainstream Science (SciPop)

1There’s a causal relationship between space-time and gravityIsaiah 48:13
2Earth orbits the sunEcclesiastes 1:5
3Stars are distant suns and galaxies1 Corinthians 15:40-41
4Nuclear decay has always been constantDeuteronomy 32:22
5Humanity is a product of of biological evolutionRomans 5:12
– Axioms of the Dominant Paradigm of Modern Science


Principia Mattymatica

Is it possible to demonstrate that Matty’s Paradigm isn’t merely an opinion about the Bible? If it could be done, how would it be done? Could Matty’s Paradigm be described as a set of Principles which are deduced from Axioms and Corollaries following the format of Newton’s Principia Mathematica?


Principia Mattymatica – Principles

IGod Can’t Lie and the Bible is TrueTitus 1:2
IIThe Original Languages Contain the Mind of ChristPsalms 12:6-7
IIIThe Deep is an Incarnation of GodProverbs 3:19
IVLife Began in Zero-Gravity1 John 1:1-2
VGravity was Created on the 2nd DayIsaiah 48:13
VIThe Firmament is on the Edge of SpacePsalms 150:1
VIIEvolution isn’t the Origin of HumanityRomans 5:12
VIIINuclear Decay Rate isn’t ConstantProverbs 16:11
IXGravity is the LawJohn 3:16
– The Principles of Principia Mattymatica

Proofs of Heliocentricity (purported)

  1. Aberration of starlight
  2. Aether drag
  3. Angular size of the sun
  4. Aristarchus
  5. Bessel and 61 Cygni
  6. Bradley and Molyneux
  7. Citing incorrect Geocentric models
  8. Copernicus
  9. Coriolis effect
  10. Doppler and the Voyagers
  11. Eclipses
  12. Foucault pendulum
  13. Gravitational assists
  14. Gravity
  15. Kepler’s Laws
  16. Lorentz’ length contraction
  17. Luminiferous aether
  18. Mass of the sun / Newtonian physics
  19. Moons of Jupiter
  20. Phases of Venus
  21. Procession of the equinoxes
  22. Pulsars
  23. Redshift / Universe expansion
  24. Relativistic reference frames
  25. Retrograde / relative motion
  26. Sagans
  27. Seasons and weather
  28. Spacecraft
  29. Special relativity
  30. Stellar parallax
  31. Stellar spectroscopy
  32. Transit of the ISS during an eclipse
  33. Transit of Venus
  34. Variation in the sun’s orbital radius

Propitiation The price paid for redemption. This was Jesus himself.


RAA – Reverse Applicability Anomaly

Radial Shrinkage – A decrease in the radius of planet earth. This occurred in the time of Peleg in a sufficient amount to account for the circumferential shortening that we observe in the earth’s crust.


Relative Motion


  • The science of knowing nothing and making it look like you know everything. For example, you may no nothing at all about a star in the sky but since you know nothing at all about the other stars next to it you have now a frame of reference to be able to make stuff up about them.
  • A minor deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.

Retrograde Motion

  • A minor deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.

Ros The highest part of the dust of the earth, refers to the location of Eden at the summit of a mountain that filled the whole earth.


Science – See Science Fiction.

Scientific evidence is a secondary interpretation of evidence (not the evidence itself) which has been approved by peer review to ensure compliance with the popular science narrative of godless existence (SciPop). It’s the distilled essence of circular reasoning; a major deity in the atheist pantheon, the subject of a lot of special pleading.

– Scientific Evidence, definition

A scientific fact is : anything that peer review wants you to believe, even though it may be pure speculation; a strategic data point in the popular science narrative of godless existence (SciPop); a minor deity in the atheist pantheon; the subject of a lot of special pleading.

– Scientific Fact, definition

Science Fiction – See Science.

Scientific knowledge: anecdotal evidence combined with probability means it’s a reasonable assumption.

– a definition for the post-Hawking mainstream science Trekkie generation (SciPop)

Scientific Method see also Falsifiability

  • An excuse to A priori reject truth as either the premise or a possible conclusion in science, it makes finding the truth impossible.
  • A process by which fiction can be scientifically validated.
  • A major deity in the atheist pantheon. The subject of a lot of special pleading.

Scientific Narrative of godless Existence – see DPMS.

Sea of Glass – see Firmament.

Fossils. Mild climates. Low-lying continents with some epicontinental flooding, a way of describing a global flood without saying the words “global flood.”

Scientifically illiterate science worshipers are most people. The product of our education system. Ideological progeny of Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson. They don’t know anything about science but they think that the answer to any technical question is “science“.

– Scientifically Illiterate Science Worshiper, definition

Soul (definition)

A soul is a gravity node with a frequency unique to each individual, it encompasses the scriptural concepts of mind and heart:
– mind: the seat of our consciousness and personality;
– heart: the emotions and passion which drive and motivate us.
Our soul makes us sentient.

Soul, definition

Special Pleading

Special pleading is an informal fallacy wherein one cites something as an exception to a general or universal principle (without justifying the special exception). This is the application of a double standard.

– Wikipedia

Stratigraphic Column
The remnants of Noah’s flood.


Theoretical – Anything beyond an observation. As soon as you start to explain what you think an observation means, you are being theoretical.

Theoretical Foundation of Modern Science – see DPMS.

Trinity, Holy

The Holy Trinity

  1. Alpha, Father – soul, heart and mind; wisdom; Hydrogen (H+) male.
  2. Omega, Holy Spirit – breath or wind, vapor; omega Oxygen (ΩO2-) female.
  3. Alpha and Omega, the Son – body; Christ; the Word; the deep, H2O (ΩOH + H+).

The truth is neither testable nor falsifiable, therefore it is unscientific and must be rejected.


ULM – Unknown Luminous Material – The stars. Science wants you to think that the stars are distant suns and galaxies. That’s actually just a by-product of the fictional geometry in the DPMS. No one knows what the stars really are. Unless, of course, you understand Matty’s Paradigm, in which case they are CFM.



  1. An unknown substance that predates creation, from which creation was created.
  2. The physical medium in which cause and effect are linked.
  3. The essence of free will.
  4. A physical substance which allows God to manifest his glory.

Windows of Heaven – Places in the firmament that can be opened or closed. Also known as Quasars


A year-long daily devotional that reconciles science with the Bible. From the 6 days of creation through the fall of man, present day, the Millennial Kingdom, and the new heaven and new earth.

Why did God Create the Universe?

God created the universe so that sentient beings with free will could make a choice between light or darkness, life or death.

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