The Broad Narrative of Scripture

declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose,’

(Isaiah 46:10) ESV

The Bible is consistent throughout because it combines spiritual concepts, like good and evil, with their physical expression in space and time as light and darkness. It describes their permanent physical separation.

The broad narrative of scripture is the conceptual backbone of the Bible. We’ve attempted to capture the essence of the broad narrative in the most simple form possible. This means stripping it down to the underlying physical causes and omitting the spiritual narrative which develops around the person of Jesus Christ.

The narrative requires both to make sense, as one is the reason for the other, but what we want to do here is show how some simple physics pervades the plan of redemption and is the reason for the form and function of the Earth, including the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary.

This is just the physics part. Light and darkness, good and evil, are as fundamental as the elemental particles of which the universe is made, protons and neutrons. However, knowledge of protons and neutrons can’t save you, if you want to be saved you have to call upon the name of Jesus Christ.

A Brief Synopsis of the Broad Narrative of Scripture

God is Light1 John 1:5
Darkness is inherent to free willJohn 1:5
Light and darkness must be physically separatedGenesis 1:6
God dwells in the lightPsalms 104:1-2
Light is above on the peripheryDaniel 12:3
Light, life and good are equivalentJohn 3:19-21
Darkness, death and evil are equivalentJob 30:26
Darkness is below at the centerJob 28:3
Once it has accumulated at the center, darkness will be cast into the furthest reaches of spaceMatthew 8:12
Light comes down from above to the center, darkness will be goneRevelation 21:2, 23
– The Physics of the Broad Narrative

God is separating light from darkness, good from evil. It’s a process. The reason for creation is to give us all a chance to experience life and make a choice between them.


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