Setting us Free

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

(Romans 8:2) KJV

As we continue down our rabbit hole into the confluence of gravitation and redemption it’s going to be helpful to think in terms of gravity, weight and weightlessness. The word redeem has some meaning to this effect.

  1. Spiritually,
    • believing in Jesus Christ makes us free from the law of sin and death.
  2. Physically,
    • believing in Jesus Christ makes us free from the power of gravity.

Our deductive process has brought us to a conclusion. We’ve not deduced the nature of gravity, but we’ve deduced that it is the physical basis for the law of sin and death, the Law of Moses, from which faith in Jesus Christ sets us free.

Now, through faith in Jesus Christ, we escape darkness and dwell in the light. We can deduce that gravity, the creative act of the 2nd day, was the first part of the redemption of humankind. It is the power to separate light from dark. It is the physical basis of the law of sin and death.

Redeem: פָדֹ֣ה – padaw

  1. to redeem, ransom.
  2. to set free, let go.
  3. to deliver, preserve.
    • Niph. to be redeemed.
    • Hiph. to cause to be redeemed, Exodus 21:8
    • Hoph. to be redeemed, Leviticus 19:20

Davidson Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon page DCXXI

Think of this as opening a cage so that a bird may be set free to fly away. Or imagine holding a Helium-filled balloon on a string which you let go and watch as the balloon drifts up into the lonely sky.

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1July 17th – Gravitation, Redemption and the Soul
2October 24th – Principle IV
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