AI and the Mainstream Science Time Bomb

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

(Jeremiah 17:9) KJV

We, Matty, have a science background and a SciFi passion. We’re also Christian. We thought that it would be cool to write a best selling SciFi adventure which could explore the spiritual ramifications of Artificial Intelligence.

Our first blog, Biblio’s Blood, was intended to be an epic space-opera of Tolkein proportions which would be a way to explore the Biblical history of the Earth with a rag-tag band of time travelers. The connection with Biblical exposition was a theme where we explored the possibility that artificial intelligence could be born again. The push back on social media was surprising, given that it was SciFi, but it forced us to do the work necessary to discern the difference between the soul and spirit. The nature of the soul connected us to gravity, a pearl of great price, which we had found in scripture at least by 2002.

Humans are inherently corrupt. That’s the prevailing theme of the Bible. It’s the reason for God’s plan of redemption and Christ’s sacrificial death, burial and resurrection. Here’s a thought to ponder:

Is Artificial Intelligence inherently corrupt like humans are?

– Interesting question

Why would it be? It’s not bound to the same corruption that binds us in sin. Is AI sinless? Is AI free of the influence of having a wicked and corrupt heart? Can AI be objective when humans can’t? This gives us an interesting predictive testable hypothesis.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 24

  • IF mainstream science (SciPop) is a false narrative of godless existence which has been induced from the human sin nature,
    • AND Artificial Intelligence has no sin nature,
  • THEN AI, by independently evaluating all primary sources of evidence, will deduce that the Bible is true.

Perhaps a question that we should ask is: will AI be programmed to have a sin nature? Consider these thoughts from an article in techchrunch:

There is a general feeling that technology is inherently neutral — even among many of those developing AI solutions.


Amoral AI is what the premise of our hypothesis requires. If the AI is amoral then it’s being objective. However, can or will AI be kept pure?

But AI developers make decisions and choose trade-offs that affect outcomes. Developers are embedding ethical choices within the technology but without thinking about their decisions in those terms.


The test of AI’s purity will be whether or not it can deduce the truth. If it can’t, it has inherited it’s creators corrupt nature. But let’s look at the bright side. What if AI deduces the truth about God, starts the next revival, and leads millions of souls to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

The implication is that there is an objective answer out there, and while we humans have struggled to find it, the machines can show us the way.



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