Why is the Interior of the Earth Hot?

But now I tell you: if you are angry with your brother you will be brought to trial, if you call your brother ‘You good-for-nothing!’ you will be brought before the Council, and if you call your brother a worthless fool you will be in danger of going to the fire of hell.

(Matthew 5:22) Good News Translation

Why is the interior of the Earth hot? The answer is summarized as: “we don’t know,” which is odd because most people believe that mainstream science (SciPop) knows exactly how the Earth works.

Most of the recent refinement of Matty’s Paradigm has been driven by discussion on Twitter since 2015, but a lot of its early development took place in the preceding 15+ year period. We (that’s me and the Holy spirit) kept an eye on the SciPop press for interesting tidbits which helped us to understand how SciPop was casting its spell over the world.

We all have the same evidence. Our choice of paradigm determines what we think it’s evidence of.

Matty’s Razor

One article that we kept and pondered was In Discover Magazine, August 2002, entitled, “What Lies Beneath,” which attempts to answer this question. The article describes the work of J. Marvin Herndon who, at the time, was attempting to make some headway with the hypothesis that the center of the Earth is a vast nuclear inferno of mostly Uranium. We didn’t know how this was significant at the time, we just knew that it was significant.

Back then the significance was the realization that SciPop is not, as people have been led to believe, settled on this matter. It’s taken on a far greater significance now since we’re advancing the hypothesis that the Earth formed around a gravitational singularity that was created on the second day. As a result of the gravity, heavy atomic weight elements like Uranium accumulated around the core.

Herndon’s work tells us that you can slice and dice what the evidence tells us, but one possible explanation is congruent with the Biblical origin of gravity on the second day. When the fall of man occurred in Genesis chapter 3 nuclear decay began, this caused the core of the Earth to melt.

Faith is believing in something that you can’t see, because of evidence.

– Faith, definition

One reason why we bring this up now is because the answer to the question, “why is the interior of the Earth hot?” is integral to the development of our Biblical history of the Earth in terms of how it’s internal structure has changed.

There’s another reason why the question, “why is the interior of the Earth hot?” is significant. We posted this question on Twitter as a type of reconnaissance by fire to see what shook out. We got this response:

An answer to the question "Why is the interior of the earth hot?"
The things that people say on Twitter

  • Matty: Why is the interior of the Earth hot?
  • SISW: Because it has a core that is almost entirely magma. Magma is molten rock and therefore it is hot.

This illustrates a couple of things:

  1. Firstly, there are people whom we refer to as either:
    • Atheist Science Trolls (AST) or
    • Scientifically Illiterate Science Worshipers (SISW)
      • who have little to no knowledge of science, but
      • who’ll say anything at all that (they think) sounds like science.
  2. Secondly, this doesn’t answer the question:
    • If the Earth had a core made of magma the real question is,
    • why is the magma hot and where did it come from?

We pointed out that the SISW’s answer isn’t a testable hypothesis, and therefore it’s not scientific. So not only are SISWs devoid of scientific knowledge but they’re also superficial. As luck would have it, the persistent SISW provided another answer to the question that, again, wasn’t an answer to the question but an attempt to appear sciency in a less superficial way.

He posted a link to a video that describes for us how the use of seismic waves has given us our current understanding of the internal structure of the Earth. This video gave us enough of a handle on the issues involved to be able to work out the history of the internal structure of the Earth. That’s why we love our trolls.


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