Life Before Oxygen

always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.

(2 Timothy 3:7) ESV

In the Matty’s Paradigm narrative cellular life originates in water in zero-G before there was an atmosphere. Here’s some science lingo attempting to explain super-sized prokaryotic cells in an environment with no oxygen.

Life Before Oxygen

Fossils of 2.5 billion-year-old bacteria reveal organisms thrived despite early Earth’s harsh conditions.

Tiny bubble-like structures found in ancient rocks show life was thriving in the harshest of conditions billions of years ago – without sunlight or even oxygen. Researchers have discovered fossils of ancient bacteria dating back 2.5 billion years, long before the planet’s atmosphere became rich in oxygen. They believe the microbes, which fed off sulfur, are the oldest of their kind ever discovered, hinting at diverse ecosystems in the planet’s past.
Geologists from the University of Cincinnati uncovered the fossils during field expeditions in South Africa. They found evidence of large microbes which survived at a time when atmospheric oxygen levels were just a fraction of what they are today.

“… this discovery is helping us reveal a diversity of life and ecosystems that existed just prior to the Great Oxidation Event, a time of major atmospheric evolution.’

By Ryan O’Hare for MailOnline

At the earliest phase of the inception of gravity there was no gaseous oxygen. As the day progressed and the stratification of matter took place gases, including oxygen, came out of solution and became available to react. An atmosphere began to form. There were abundant Iron (Fe) ions and so iron oxides formed and deposited as the Banded Iron Formations, and also entrapped the giant prokaryotic cells that had been growing.

The narrative of Matty’s Paradigm explains why Prokaryotic cells hundreds of times larger than their modern descendants can be found in rocks dated as Precambrian.


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