The Creation of Gravity

When he established the heavens, I was there;
when he drew a circle on the face of the deep,

(Proverbs 8:27) English Standard Version

In a similar manner to that in which God said: Let there be light, the light was a reaction to nuclear fusion; when God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, it was a reaction to the creation of of gravity.

Gravity, it’s origin and Biblical doctrine, is the main part of devotional for the month of February. The Earth formed around a gravitational singularity. The doctrine gives us a way to solve the problem of exponential nuclear decay, the beginning of hell, and it resolves the age of the Earth as about 6,000 years old, but the phenomenon of gravitational time dilation (GTD) means that the remote regions of the cosmos may be 13.8 billion years old or more, at the same time.

Gravity was created on the second day. Matter, space and time existed before that. The significance for Physics is so profound that it’ll take a while to sink in (pun intended). We call GTD the Donkey’s Jawbone as a metaphor for what’s going to happen in theoretical Physics when they realize that their beloved general relativity is an opportunistic rationalization of circumstantial evidence, nothing more than a pseudoscientific hack job.

Hebrew Gravity Concepts

Descendingיֹ֝רְד֗וֹתyoredotProverbs 7:27
He hath establishedמֵכִ֥יןmechinJer. 10:12, 51:152/4
Settethשָׂ֤םsumJob 28:32/5
Setteth fastמֵכִ֥יןmechinPsalms 65:62/4
Thereof fastenedטָבַעtabaJob 38:42/3
They sankוְצַלְמָֽוֶתtsalmavethExodus 15:102/5
To sink, sankיִמַּ֣ךְmakakEc. 10:182/4
Were settledטָבַעtabaProverbs 8:252/3
– A doctrine of gravity is extensively developed in the OT Hebrew.

This model provides us with a source of light for the second and third days of creation. It gives us a Biblical basis for the core accretion model of planet formation and the origin and timing of Precambrian fossils which were deposited synchronously with the formation of an Oxygen-rich atmosphere. It provides a source of material for the formation of the stars and planets on the fourth day. It’s the beginning of the three heavens described in scripture:

The Three Heavens

  1. Open firmament, atmosphere or sky
    • where birds fly, winds blow and clouds form.
  2. Celestial realm, cosmos, observable universe or space
    • where the stars are set in their courses.
  3. Dome, firmament, or heliopause
    • a sea of glass which is the location of God’s throne.

We’ve developed a theory of Biblical quantum gravitation (BQG) as the means by which the creation will be purified and how light will be separated from darkness. It forms the mechanism of redemption and drives our soul up away from Earth or down into it based on our response to the revealed truth about Jesus Christ.

We’ve also found that the KJV translators and Hebrew and Greek scholars tended to fudge the meaning of words when they may not have been readily apparent. We find words assigned to roots as a matter of convenience when the correct assignments didn’t seem to make sense.

Mass sinks in time, into stratified layers of sediment: a solid core on fire in the darkness, sunk in the shadow of death.

(Job 28:3) MP Technical Paraphrase

If God created gravity on the 2nd day as a way of bringing about the permanent physical separation of light from darkness, good from evil, what does that bring out of the meaning buried in the original Hebrew and Greek? The translation of Job 28:3 above has been rendered using actual meaning which is part of each of the Hebrew words in the verse. It forms the basis of our Biblical core accretion model.

October 22nd – Principle II

The Original Languages Contain the Mind of Christ

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