Mind: φρόνημα – phronéma

Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

(Romans 8:27) NKJV

Here’s where we’ve gotten to: the mind is part of the soul, and the soul is gravity, so can we say that the mind of the spirit is referring to the gravitational component of a spiritual entity?

We previously developed the rationale that spiritual messengers, referred to sometimes as angels, are a combination of spirit (vapor) and soul (gravity). This was described in the post Holograms, Relativity and the Soul.

Mind: φρόνημα – phronéma

  • The thought (that which is in the mind),
  • thought, purpose, aspirations,
    • properly visceral opinion (the innermost, personal level of opinion);
    • inner perspective as it determines (regulating) outward behavior, especially as it bears on the outward results (i.e. of exercising personal insight).
  • Note the suffix, -ma, pointing to the result of the verbal idea.
  • “the results of gut-insight” connects how the individual processes opinion-making to how they act.

Having a soul which is a gravity node solves two problems for a spiritual entity:

Gravity and Spiritual Entities

  1. How does a spiritual being, a cloud of vapor, maintain integrity?
    • the gravity node is tuned to the specific frequency of the chemical compound that the spirit is a cloud of,
  2. how does an invisible vapor manifest itself visibly when called to do so?
    • in relativity gravity bends light, so the spirit’s soul is projecting a hologram.

The only weakness here is that, even though it’s logical there is nothing in the Bible that expressly states that spirits have souls, but part of the soul is the mind, and our passage states that spirits have a mind.

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2June 21st – A Mechanism for Spiritual Action
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October 25th – Principle V

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