June 21st

The LGBTQIA+ Identity Crisis

Her priests have violated My law and profaned My holy things; they have not distinguished between the holy and unholy, nor have they made known the difference between the unclean and the clean; and they have hidden their eyes from My Sabbaths, so that I am profaned among them.

(Ezekiel 22:26) NKJV

We can use our theory of gravity to make sense of the LGBTQIA+ identity fiasco by using an old Sesame Street song about differences to determine which identities are alive and which are dead.

In the Bible, particularly the New Testament, the states of being alive or dead aren’t applied to our physical body, they’re used to refer to the state of our soul. Our soul can be alive or dead while our body is walking around breathing. The difference is whether or not we’ve been born again by believing in Jesus Christ. This also has bearing on our attitudes towards giving and receiving or whether we’re spiritual or carnal. There are two another equivalences which we may make: holy or unholy, clean or unclean.

Alive or Dead?

HolyUnholy (profane)
– Opposite states of being Alive or Dead.

Why are we going to attempt to tackle this within the context of the LGBTQIA+ identity crisis? Because life isn’t hard enough already, and the crisis isn’t happening to the LGBTQIA+ community, the crisis has been devised to entrap the church.

Holy and Unholy, Unclean and Clean

“Do not drink wine or intoxicating drink, you, nor your sons with you, when you go into the tabernacle of meeting, lest you die. It shall be a statute forever throughout your generations, that you may distinguish between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean, and that you may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the Lord has spoken to them by the hand of Moses.”

(Leviticus 10:9-11) NKJV

Once we’ve become a Christian, how are we to live? This is a question which Paul was asked, to which a lot of the content of his letters and those of the other New Testament writers is addressed. How can we live in a way which makes us free of any hindrance to fellowship with the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit? If we’re alive, then we have to BE alive.

Alive or Dead?

HolyUnholy (profane)
– Opposite states of being Alive or Dead.

All of these concepts are easily incorporated into our theory of gravity. A (Agape gravity), is being alive. The problem is that we’re bound by M (Mosaic gravity) which is death. We can only be free from M if we’re made alive, q (quickened) by faith in Jesus Christ.

The Terminology of Biblical Gravitation

AAgape gravityGod’s love and forgiveness, anti-gravity
Ggravitational constanta property of A
pphileo gravitational attractionthe attractive force of a body, an effect of A, influenced by desire, lust, pleasures
pGtendency to accumulate into a massthe total energy of a body, measured by the Cavendish experiment, what mainstream science (SciPop) calls gravity
MMosaic gravitythe total pG of the accumulated mass of corruption at the center of Earth
gacceleration due to gravitya measurement of M
qquickening (everlasting life)power to overcome M through faith in Jesus Christ
The terminology of Biblical gravitation

The LGBTQIA+ Crisis – Navigation

1The LGBTQIA+ Identity CrisisEzekiel 22:26
The Sesame Street SongEphesians 5:18-21
Self Identity: SpiritualRomans 8:6
2Holy MatrimonyMatthew 19:4-5
Obey the Law1 Peter 2:13-14
Sanctification and Honor1 Thessalonians 4:3-4
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
– Navigate your way around the LGBTQIA+ crisis.


  1. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ,
    • believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,
  2. confess your sin.

Read through the Bible in a year

Reading planJune 21
LinearPsalms 90-92
Chronological1 Kings 10-11
2 Chronicles 9
– Read 3 chapters every day and 5 chapters on Sundays


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