Bars, Beams and Pillars

The earth and all the inhabitants thereof are dissolved: I bear up the pillars of it. Selah.

(Psalms 75:3) KJV

Four different Biblical phrases refer to a feature of the internal structure of the Earth. They confirm our hypothesis that the interior of the Earth was tehom before Noah’s flood, and sheol after it.

If God cannot lie and the Bible is true, then it should be possible to show how the Bible accounts for all physical evidence in a way that’s congruent with His word. We can’t leave any loose ends. We have to figure out what “the pillars of the Earth” may be. Christianity gave up on hell, and by doing so they gave up on all of the other physical structures mentioned in the Bible. We put hell back in the center of the Earth.

  1. We deduced a physical cause for it.
  2. We deduced a reason for it which is compatible with what we know about God’s character, and with the broad narrative of scripture.
  3. We show that since hell is real and the Bible tells us that it’s expanding then it’s the cause of global warming.

We came to the conclusion that tehom and sheol are referring to the same thing: the internal structure of the Earth, but at different times in the earth’s history. The concept for which we’ve found four different descriptions is “the pillars of the earth.“ So, using our model of the Earth’s internal structure, we can make sense of a lot of otherwise incomprehensible scripture and tie together tehom and sheol as referring to the same thing at different times in the Earth’s history.

Bars, Beams and Pillars – Navigation

1Bars, Beams and PillarsPsalms 75:3
2Hypothesis 8Job 9:4-6
The Beams of His ChambersPsalms 104:3
The Bars of the PitJob 17:16
The Pillars of the Earth1 Samuel 2:8
The Earth with her BarsJonah 2:6
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
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