The Deep is an Incarnation of God

If any man have an ear, let him hear.

(Revelation 13:9) KJV

We (that’s me and the Holy spirit) deduced a cosmological model which accounts for the missing 90% of the mass of the universe and the Iridium Anomaly.

We did this using the King James Bible (see the post the firmament rabbit trail) and so you may reasonably expect that we’d be KJV only stalwarts. That might have made us friends among the Evangelical community. However the strength of the text and the doctrine which we derive from it doesn’t come from the English translation, it’s in the original languages. We’re going to do something abhorrent to the Evangelical community: explain God.

The Bible is a big book. It’s detailed, complex, and parts of it simply can’t be understood. We accept this in faith. We trust that God understands it all, so we don’t have to. When someone comes along and says, “hey folks, I figured it out” we’re skeptical to say the least. When they then prove that they figured it out, they’re stoned to death.

Some things are hidden in plain sight. God can’t lie, he has no reason to, so he can have the Holy Spirit inspire people to write the exact truth in a precise way and no one will notice it. Humans love to deceive and be deceived, and Satan has been busy throughout history, so what we have now is a hopelessly confused mess where everyone thinks that they can believe whatever they want. The truth is still there, unchanging, in plain sight. This is a specific example of Hypothesis 22, it’s Hypothesis 18.

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 18

  • IF the deep, the Word of God, and Jesus Christ are identities of God the Son,
    • AND they all refer to the same Divine aspect of the Trinity,
  • THEN the scriptural context of all 3 will be consistent.
Scriptural Contexts
1In the beginningJohn 1:1-2
2All things were made through himJohn 1:3
3In him was lifeJohn 1:4
4Darkness did not comprehend itJohn 1:5
5The word became fleshJohn 1:14
– Navigate your way around Hypothesis 18.


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