Tehom became Sheol

I had another vision from the Sovereign Lord. In it I saw him preparing to punish his people with fire. The fire burned up the great ocean under the earth and started to burn up the land.

(Amos 7:4) Good News Translation

The region between Earth’s core and mantle, referred to by Jesus as a mega chasm or a great gulf, has to transition from water filled to open space due to the expansion of hell.

If our premise is correct, and the expansion of hell caused the waters of the great deep to expand and burst forth through the fountain of the great deep, then there ought to be a passage of scripture which captures the essence of this event. Amos states it. It’s an application of Hypothesis 22.

We all have the same evidence. Our choice of paradigm determines what we think it’s evidence of.

Matty’s Razor

Predictive Testable Hypothesis 22

  • IF the Holy Spirit is the power of God to inspire human writers,
    • AND the physics of the universe has been written in scripture so that it’s
      1. obvious and
      2. invisible,
  • THEN phrases or words that look like chemistry, physics, biology or geology should be treated as if they are chemistry, physics, biology or geology,
    • AND the science will be congruent with the scriptural context.

The flood occurred in the 1,656th year after creation. Hell had been expanding slowly and steadily the whole time since the fall of man. The temperature of the great deep increased. At a critical moment the water boiled and issued forth from within the Earth and flooded the surface. This is when Tehom became Sheol. Tehom was wet, sheol is dry.

Fire devoured the deep. This was when tehom became sheol. From this time it was only 100 years before the foundations of the Earth were consumed by the increase of hell. In the year 1,756 of creation Peleg was born. On that day the Earth underwent radial shrinkage and lost 1,200 km of radius and 8,000 km of circumference as the tectonic plates formed.

Faith is believing in something that you can’t see, because of evidence.

– Faith, definition

The Earth has always experienced climate change and global warming. It’s frequently said that Noah was standing in a dry desert warning of a catastrophic flood so no one believed him. It’s much more likely that Noah was faced with severe weather as the result of steam rising up from the ground in places. The warning signs that something terrible was about to happen were all around them.

Just like today. We have global warming. We have climate change. We have catastrophic storms and volcanoes all over the world. This can be related by some very simple temperature measurements to the fact that ocean water is warming from the bottom up. It’s obvious what’s happening.

Hell is expanding. It’s the cause of global warming. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only way to avoid it. Does anyone believe us? Does anyone care? Nope. Just like Noah. We’ve perfectly interleaved the Biblical account of creation and history with the scientific theories of evolution and plate tectonics.

You can argue and fuss all you want to, but this is a perfectly harmonious (parsimonious) way to account for both the physical evidence and the scriptural narrative. As such, the distribution of biodiversity on Earth which has resulted from plate tectonics is a corollary of our axiom: current biodiversity is the result of evolution.


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