Gravitational Drag Effect

Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.

(Ecclesiastes 12:6) KJV

Let’s do a thought experiment. Thoughts experiments have been used by physicists for many years as a way to visualize concepts. It’s a way to design experiments that we can use to test our hypotheses.

In Einstein’s case he designed experiments which gave him experimental confirmation of his premise, every time, on purpose. That’s the beauty of induction. When you know what result you want, it’s not hard to design an experiment which will give you that result.

Let’s imagine that the gravitational field of the universe is emitted from the center of the Earth, the singularity which was created on the 2nd day. If the mode of action of gravity is the Higgs Boson, then the center of the Earth is emitting the field of Higgs Bosons which binds the universe together.

We can picture this as a silver cord connecting the center of the Earth to the sun. Now imagine silver cords connecting the center of the earth to every planet, every asteroid, every comet, every star, every unidentified object in the heavens. Every particle and body in the universe is connected to the center of the Earth by a silver cord.

Imagine that the cosmos is rotating. That shouldn’t be hard because it’s empirical. The Earth is stationary but the cosmos and all of its planetary and stellar bodies orbits the Earth every day. IT’S EMPIRICAL. The network of silver cords has to be rotating too.

Now imagine that the core of the Earth is a ball of molten radioactive slag. Hell. It’s separated from the mantle by a great gulf of open space, but it’s interacting with this network of Higgs Boson silver cords. It’s a fluid body and so over time, due to the influence of the moving network of silver cords, it begins to rotate. We’ll give this theoretical phenomenon a name: Gravitational drag effect (GDE).

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