The Sun also Arises

April 18

The sun rises, and the sun goes down, and hastens to the place where it rises.

(Ecclesiastes 1:5) ESV

Einstein is attributed with the formal acknowledgement that space is curved. What does that really mean? Quite simply space is spherical and Earth is at the center. It’s empirical.

The stars are, on average, evenly distributed around the Earth no matter which direction we look. The edge of space, where we believe the Quasars are located, is the same distance away from us in every direction. The Sun, Moon and stars orbit the earth on curved paths with the Earth either at the center of their orbit, or at one focus of an elliptical orbit. This is empirical.

Einstein was trying to rationalize the curvature of space in such a way as to make it seem as if the Earth isn’t at the center. The outcome of this is that everything is at the center of it’s own frame of reference, therefore space is curved around each gravitational body but that’s actually sleight-of-hand.

Einstein’s idea was that gravity, like that caused by the mass of the Earth, warps space-time around it. This gets a little complicated because Einstein also said that space-time causes gravity. Essentially space-time causes gravity which causes space-time to be curved around it. It’s an energetic perpetual motion machine in which the chickens and eggs are in continual flux.

Einstein made the same assumption that Newton did: that space-time is the cause of gravity. The proportional relationship between space-time and gravity is an effect we observe, not a cause. The observation is summarized as Newton’s law of universal gravitation. It’s circumstantial evidence. It’s not the cause of gravity. Be that as it may, popular science (SciPop) is totally on board with it because it, supposedly, negates the need for the universe to have a supernatural cause, which is the whole point of SciPop.

What cemented Einstein’s conceptualization of the curvature of space was that he made a prediction based on the idea and subsequent experiments showed the prediction to be correct: He predicted that light from a star would be bent by space-time as it passed close to a massive body such as the Sun. This is called gravitational lensing. The first confirmation of this is rather flimsy but there have been subsequent confirmations so we accept the findings.

The way that SciPop works is that, because there are experimental results which confirm Einsteins prediction, it is taken to mean that he was right. People talk about it as if it’s proof of relativity. It’s not proof of relativity, that’s sleight of hand, it’s proof that gravity bends light.

It gets worse. Because Einstein’s rationalization dovetails perfectly with the SciPop narrative of godless existence, the confirmation of the prediction is taken to mean that everything Einstein ever said was right (except the bits which contradict the narrative, but these are ignored) and he’s lifted up to the status of idol.

Now the narrative is that relativity has been proven, while in fact relativity is an opportunistic rationalization of circumstantial evidence. We observe that gravity bends light. This happens regardless of relativity. Relativity is a load of dingo’s kidneys.

Einstein induced a rationale about space-time causing space to be curved which is what bends light. In his narrative all sources of gravity bend space around them. Unfortunately, there’s only one universe and it’s bent around the source of gravity at the center: Earth. Whether or not a body like the sun bends space is irrelevant, light is bent by its gravitational field.

Even though Einstein’s prediction of gravitational lensing was confirmed, it doesn’t prove anything at all because it’s circumstantial evidence. Einstein imagined a plausible explanation then induced an experimental test for it. It’s inductive, reductive circular reasoning. Unfortunately the results of the test apply equally well to both Einstein’s induction and Matty’s deduction.

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