Atheism Annihilates

July 20

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, doing abominable iniquity; there is none who does good.

(Psalms 53:1) ESV

Matty’s Paradigm, a unified theory of everything, is developed from the principle God can’t lie and the Bible is true, which was deduced from the Axioms of Principia Mattymatica.

God can’t lie and the Bible is true.

Principia Mattymatica – Principle I

As you might imagine many people have volunteered to supply supposed proof that God lies in the Bible. These have been collected on the page does God lie in the Bible?

This is the conclusion of that work. If this were to be a nice neat alliterative 3-point sermon the points would be: Atheism’s Accusation, Atheism’s Argument, and Atheism’s Actuality and then we found it necessary to continue our line of reasoning with Atheism’s Accomplice and Atheism’s Annihilation. Obviously that’s 5 points. But you get the idea: Atheism is a logical fallacy which falls apart so easily that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Atheism Annihilates – Navigation

1IntroductionPsalms 53:1
2Atheism’s AccusationZechariah 3:1
3Atheism’s ArgumentTitus 3:9
4Atheism’s ActualityMatthew 23:13
5Atheism’s Accomplice1 Timothy 6:20
6Atheism’s Annihilation1 Corinthians 1:20
SalvationRomans 10:9-10
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35 Replies to “Atheism Annihilates”

  1. I’ve always thought, if we are an “accident,” then there is no meaning or purpose. But having awareness of life, I realized Someone gave that to me.

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      1. All that exists, and all that order, like fractals, how an incredibly complex cells parts all work together, then even a leaf, is just fascinating.


      1. If your cat has kittens in the barn, you can call them horses if you want, but you can’t ride them. You can call these axioms, right after you prove them, not just claim they are. We know what axioms are…. and these ain’t them. 😯


      2. Your little pseudo-equivalence doesn’t work. You can call kitten horses, but the kittens don’t look like horses so there was no chance of mistaking them. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.


      3. There’s no problem at all.
        You’re on earth, That means your frame of reference is Geocentrospheric.
        It’s Self-evident.
        You’re not on the sun, a heliocentric frame of reference is imaginary.
        It’s Not self-evident.


      4. Geo means “earth”
        Centric means “centered on”
        If you’re on the earth then your frame of reference is Geocentrospheric.
        There’s nothing you can do about it.


      5. Geo (earth)
        Centro (centered on)
        Spheric (earth isn’t flat)

        If you’re on earth then you’re frame of reference is geocentric, it’s that simple.

        The fact that you can’t grasp it implies that you can’t grasp very much.


      6. ROFL. I like this bit of baseless nonsense best:

        “A[theism] can’t exist without -[theism].
        You can’t deny a God who doesn’t exist.
        Therefore, atheism is proof of God.”

        this comes from the usual Christian who needs to pretend his god exist and is the only god.

        Atheism is the conclusion that there is no god/gods. Theists claim that their gods exist, but can’t show that they do.

        I can deny a god exists with no problem. Hmmm, since Matty denies other gods exist, that must mean they do, per his nonsense.


      7. and still having issues with words and their definitions.

        Events such as floods, earthquakes, etc leave evidence

        There is no evidence for these events supposedly caused by a god

        conclusion: there is no god


      8. and yet more ignorance from Matt. No, the existence of various kinds of sedimentary rock all over the world is not evidence for the idiotic 28,000+ foot deep magic flood in the bible. distinct layers that are sorted within themselves don’t form in the nonsense described in the bible.

        So, matt, do show how salt deposits form in floods. How do we get layers with fossilized desiccation cracks on top of them in a flood?

        OOoooooh magic!


      9. and more false claims. the amount of water falling out of the sky and exploding out of the earth would add so much energy to the atmosphere it would turn to steam. It would boil Noah and the animals.

        Again ignorance is the bailwick of a theist.


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