Low-lying Continents with Some Epicontinental Flooding

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.

(Psalms 72:8) KJV

Low lying continents with some epicontinental flooding” is how you describe a world-wide flood without saying the words “world-wide flood.”

Epicontinental is an interesting word. “Epi-” means around the perimeter of “-continental” means landmasses. We need a landmass to be the source of sediment, a sea to deposit sediment in, and the movement of a large amount of water to make this happen. Like a world-wide flood.

Most of the time the descriptions of geological periods in the popular science literature avoid the word “flood.” There are times when it’s unavoidable. Flood waters washed beach sand into the ocean. Apparently a lot of Scorpions lived on the beach at the time of Noah’s flood.

It’s impossible to account for the provenance and deposition of Silurian sediment without using the word “flooding” despite the myriad forms of science lingo which could be used instead. Hopefully you’re getting the picture.

The Ends of the Earth

The phrase “the ends of the earth” refers to the coast. It’s what the ancients called “the beach.”

Another interesting note about this ties us into how we debunk the flat Earth insanity. The passage above gives us an instance of the phrase “the ends of the earth” to refer to the beach. It doesn’t refer to the edge of a mythical flat planet.


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