Opportunity Knocks!

For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

(1 Corinthians 16:9) KJV

Social Media and the Great Commission: Part 7

  • If someone interacts with you, you can interact with them.

People will notice that you noticed them. You’re having an impact. You’re reaching people by acknowledging them. If you tailor your bio to express your love for the Lord then you’re sowing seeds. They might like some of your pictures, they might follow you. They may even send you a DM, which is an open door of opportunity. We don’t send unsolicited DMs, but everybody who sends us one gets the following reply:

Hi. Are you aware that hell is expanding? It’s the cause of global warming. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only way to avoid it.

Hell is Expanding

– Standard reply to all unsolicited DMs

You’ll have more followers than you know what to do with.


We need your financial help but Mattymatica isn’t a religious organization, charity or new age cult.

If you need to belong somewhere, find a local church. If you’d like to help, please consider donating.


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