The Field Value for Acceleration due to Gravity, g

Through sloth the roof sinks in, and through indolence the house leaks.

(Ecclesiastes 10:18) ESV

In popular science (SciPop) the mass of the Earth is calculated by knowing:

  1. its radius,
  2. the gravitational constant big G,
  3. little g, the field value for acceleration due to gravity.

The theory behind this is that since gravity is proportional to mass, then the mass of a body will determine the strength of its gravitational field. In the case of the Earth, if we do a ball drop experiment and measure how quickly a ball accelerates to the ground we have a measure of the strength of this field. Since we know the radius of the Earth and we have a value for the Gravitational Constant, G, we can calculate the mass of the Earth. The mass of Earth that we get from this calculation assumes that the Earth has an average density. It has to be solid, or a combination of solid and liquid, and there’s a negligible amount of open space inside it.

Incidentally the mass of the Earth we derive is also used to calculate the mass of the sun, which is used to derive the mass of the other planets.

The problem is that SciPop has assumed that gravity is an inherent property of matter (or space-time). However, the proportional relationship between mass and gravity isn’t proof of the cause of gravity, it’s circumstantial evidence. The outcome is that by making the assumption that gravity is a property of space-time, SciPop can now triumphantly declare that there’s no hell, and no great gulf of open space inside the Earth. To close the loop of the circular reasoning SciPop has Bill Nye, or some other clown, do a funny ball drop test to get a value for little g, thereby brainwashing us all as children.

Here’s the interesting part: gravity isn’t a property of space-time. Space, time and matter existed before gravity was created. Oops. This is a very big mistake. It has profound ramifications:

  • The SciPop assumption about the cause of gravity is irrelevant,
  • the gravitational constant, big G, has no relationship to the mass of the Earth
    • or the field value for acceleration due to gravity, little g,
  • there’s a great gulf of open space inside the Earth,
  • hell is at the center of the earth,
  • we don’t have absolute values for the mass of Earth, the sun, or any of the planets.

All our observations are what they are. We don’t have to deny evidence or invoke some ridiculous fantasy like flat Earth. Science remains intact, but hell is a real place and there’s a vast amount of open space inside the Earth.

That might seem like a lot but you may have to explain it to someone. It’s part of how we make the case that the expansion of hell is the cause of global warming.

December 22 – Be Ready Always

Mainstream science (SciPop) doesn’t have hell or a great gulf in the interior of the Earth. Why not?

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