Immanuel Velikovsky

In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;

(Titus 1:2) KJV

Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1979) reconciled science with the Bible as an atheist. His name is universally scorned but not because he was wrong, because no one wanted to hear what he had to say.

Our life has been an interesting journey since we got saved in July 1997. We were alone in an old farmhouse in rural Orange County, North Carolina. We is me and the Holy Spirit. We weren’t in church and our circle of friends was based around our mechanic’s shop. We were trying to make a living as a landscaper. We owned a 1978 Chevy truck which had a straight 6 engine in it which had been pulled from a Chevy Nova car. That’s why we were so dependent on a mechanic. We were also lonely, being in the seventh year of our exile from home in the UK, recently separated and trying to co-parent a toddler. As it was we fell in with the folk who congregated around this unofficial, country-style, good-old-boy repair shop.

We had recently been saved and so we were bubbling over with the Holy Spirit but we had no idea what to do about it. We didn’t know how to put our scientific background to use. We read the Bible and started proselytizing to everyone we met. One of our friends diagnosed ourMessiah complex” and gave us three books by Immanuel Velikovsky, who, he said, had tried to do something like what we were doing.

Books by Immanuel Velikovsky

We read the books and found them fascinating, but Velikovsky did something very different to what we’re doing. Velikovsky used an unmatched knowledge of many branches of science: astronomy, anthropology, history, geology etc., and unparalleled access to the world’s finest collections of cultural antiquities, to show that the Bible is historically accurate while denying the existence of God.

Velikovsky was a lot closer than popular science (SciPop) will ever be to accurately accounting for the physical evidence of history, but he failed because he denied the absolute truth: God cannot lie, therefore the Bible is true. Velikovsky started with the premise: the Bible is true but there’s no God. That’s an irrational position to take, but against all odds and by sheer force of ego he pulled it off. SciPop turned on him because it’s a pack of rabid wolves.

In general, Velikovsky’s theories have been ignored or vigorously rejected by the academic community. Nonetheless, his books often sold well and gained an enthusiastic support in lay circles, often fuelled by claims of unfair treatment for Velikovsky by orthodox academia (SciPop).

– Immanuel Velikovsky (Wikipedia)

Fortunately his work wasn’t in vain because it fell into our hands at a critical point in the development of our ideas and made us aware of things that SciPop would prefer to forget. As such we have more worlds colliding than Velikovsky did.

We’re showing how the Bible and science are perfectly aligned by choosing to believe that God cannot lie, and using deduction to reconcile evidence with scripture. For us God is absolutely real and is the source of all truth.


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