Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:

( Deuteronomy 5:8 )

The deep, of Genesis 1:2 became the great deep, the deep and the depths of the created world. They are all translated from the same Hebrew word – tehom. The deep became creation. The word became flesh.

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Deep Depths

When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water.

( Proverbs 8:24 )

“When there were no depths,” refers to the time before the 3rd day of creation. On the 3rd day “the deep,” became “the great deep.” It is not saying that there was a time before creation when there was no water.

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The Pillars of the Earth

He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the LORD’S, and he hath set the world upon them.

(1 Samuel 2:8)

The Hebrew word tebel (world) may be used to refer to part of the Earth (erets). The world has been set upon the pillars of the earth. We’ve deduced that in this instance world refers to the crust and mantle.

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The Sides of the Pit

Whose graves are set in the sides of the pit, and her company is round about her grave: all of them slain, fallen by the sword, which caused terror in the land of the living.

( Ezekiel 32:23 )

If you are on a downward course and leave the lower mantle, once you enter the great gulf there is nothing to stop your fall into the core. This means that the pit refers to everything below the mantle.

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The Earth with Her Bars

I went down to the bottoms of the mountains; the earth with her bars was about me for ever: yet hast thou brought up my life from corruption, O LORD my God.

(Jonah 2:6) KJV

Jonah gives us direct observation of the pillars of the earth, he calls them bars. Something directly observed is called empirical. Thanks to Jonah the pillars of the earth aren’t metaphorical nor theoretical, they’re empirical.

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Searched Out Beneath

Thus saith the LORD; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.

( Jeremiah 31:37 )

  • IF God will cast off the seed of Israel if the foundations of the earth may be searched out,
  • AND we know that God does not cast off the seed of Israel,
  • THEN the foundations of the earth may not be searched out.

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The Ground, Adamah

Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.

(Genesis 3:23) KJV

The Hebrews had a well developed idea of life after death. For them physical death, the grave, was a portal into a complex underworld realm. The grave is merely the beginning of what happens next.

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The Ends of the Earth

God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof. For he looketh to the ends of the earth, and seeth under the whole heaven; To make the weight for the winds; and he weigheth the waters by measure.

( Job 28:23-25 )

If you want to believe in flat earth no one is going to stop you. However nothing in the Bible, either in the meaning of words or the context of passages, requires you to believe that earth is flat and has an edge.

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Two Trees

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

( Genesis 2:17 )

Evolution on the scale required in the popular science paradigm requires death. There was no death before sin, therefore the evolutionary basis of the Phylogenetic Tree of Life is impossible.

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And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them:

( Matthew 13:7 )

I went to BEZA International Church expecting a blessing.
My ears tingled as I strained to hear every word.
God was going to tell me what to do.
This is what I heard:

There is a book in you that only YOU can write!

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