Light and Darkness

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

(Genesis 1:4) KJV

On rare occasions we encounter someone who has an inkling of what we’re doing, harmonizing science with the Bible, and they ask an intelligent question about it. The intelligent question was this:

We know God is light – and I have often pondered the declaration of verse 4, how that if God DIVIDED the light from the darkness, were they previously combined? I don’t know if I understand how that could be possible or if it would have any relevance here, especially in relation to free will.. just food for thought.

– Diligent Bible Scholar

The majority of our thought processes have gone into pondering the sequence of events from the starting point of “let light be” or nucleosynthesis (LLBN). The question above takes us back before this in a rather fundamental way. If God is light, then why does Genesis 1:2 say that there was darkness on the face of the deep?

How could the universe be dark if God is light? The answer to the Diligent Bible Scholar’s question is:

Light and darkness have to be separated because the manifestation of free will is only possible by combining them.

– Answering the Diligent Bible Scholar


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