Biblical Features of the Great Gulf

We’ve developed a model of the interior of the Earth based on the Word of God, and an understanding of cause and effect, which has levels of hell and accounts for an assortment of references to physical structures of the Earth.

The model has regions which correspond to the crust, mantle, great chasm or gulf (outer core) and core (inner core).

Biblical Features of the Great Chasm

Bars of the eartherets beriachJonah 2:6
Bars of the pitbad sheolJob 17:16
Beams of his chambersqarah mayim aliyyahPsalms 104:3
Great deep, depthstehomProverbs 8:24
Great chasm/gulfchasma megaLuke 16:26
Pillars of the earthmatsuq erets1 Samuel 2:8
Waters under the earthmayim tachath eretsDeuteronomy 5:8

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