Biblical Features of the Mantle

So it was that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom. The rich man also died and was buried.

(Luke 16:22) NKJV

The Bible includes many references to physical features and structures in the Earth’s mantle.

Abraham’s BosomkolposLuke 16:22
Belly of hellmibbeten sheolJonah 2:2
Bottoms of the mountainsqetseb harJonah 2:6
Chambers of deathchadrei mavethProverbs 7:27
Foundations of the hillsmowcadar harPsalms 18:7
Foundations of the mountainsmowcadar harDeut. 32:22
Foundations of the worldmowcadah tebelPsalms 18:15
GravesheolEzekiel 31:16
Lower parts of the Earthtachti eretsEzekiel 32:24
Midst of helltavek sheolEzekiel 32:21
Nether parts of the Eartherets tachtiEzekiel 26:20
Sides of the pityerekah bowrEzekiel 32:21
The world belowtachti eretsEzekiel 32:24
– Physical features of the Mantle in Scripture

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