Tie Hair Get Ready

We (me and the Holy Spirit) don’t have any hair so in our case it’s more like shave head get ready. Ready for what? New beginnings.

Do any of you feel like we’re actually, at long last, coming out of this pandemic? Life really is going to get back to normal. However, the new normal is quite different from the old normal.

First off, we just spent a year at home with a fourth grader doing distance learning so now it’s time to take stock of our life and figure out what’s next.

Secondly the most recent WordPress update seems to be fine on a WordPress site, but on our self-hosted installation at mattysparadigm.org it’s become unusable. It’s an exercise in futility to try and edit any of the posts. Surprisingly this doesn’t bother us. We’re not going to freak out and waste hours dealing with customer service.

The fact is, the job is done. The work that we were called to do – destroying the theoretical foundation of popular science – is essentially complete. All the hard work is done, anyway. Now it’s getting to the point of being obsessive with the details.

We can let it go.

Science Fiction artwork

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