But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.

(Psalms 92:10) KJV

The Oligocene, an Epoch in the geological timescale, is actually an ecosystem of plant and animal communities which has been destroyed, transported and buried in a world-wide flood.

Some people reconcile the Biblical word Unicorn with an extinct rhinoceros like the Elasmotherium. We believe in Unicorns, just because we haven’t found a fossil of one doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist.

Paleobotany and the evolution of plants

We’re studying the periods of geological history as described by Wilson N. Stewart.

This was the text book we used in grad school when we studied for a masters of science in Biology.

Mild temperate climates and widespread occurrence of now relic taxa (Metasequoia, Cercidiphyllum) in higher latitudes. Dryer climates in southwestern North America, Sabre-toothed cats, true cats, dogs rodents and great rhinoceroses.

Wilson N. Stewart, Paleobotany and the evolution of plants.

You’ll notice that it’s another outstanding example of circular reasoning. Every time Metasequoia and Cercidiphyllum occur as fossils the deposits are assigned to the Oligocene, therefore the Oligocene was a time of widespread occurrence of Metasequoia and Cercidiphyllum. Hopefully by now this is not a surprise to you.

Whenever we find fossils of Metasequoia and Cercidiphyllum we also find fossils of Sabre-toothed cats, cats, dogs, rodents and rhinoceroses. Therefore these species also occurred in the Oligocene. Oddly enough dogs, cats and rhinoceroses are still alive today. That’s because they were preserved on Noah’s ark so that they could repopulate the Earth.


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