Gravity is a Field Emitted from the Center of the Earth

Of old You laid the foundation of the earth, And the heavens are the work of Your hands.

(Psalms 102:25) NKJV

Axiom II is “Gravity is a Field Emitted from the Center of the Earth.” We can deduce Principle I from the following physical evidence, empirical observations or established theories which are part of Axiom II.

God can’t lie and the Bible is true.

Principia Mattymatica – Principle I
– A sphere is a form.

Part 1 – From Formless to Formed

Evidence, Observation or TheoryScripture
1In a gravitational field water forms a sphere
1.1The waters of the deep became spherical where they were previously formless (Hypothesis 26)Genesis 1:2
2Up and down, above and below, are due to the action of gravity
2.1The deep became oriented: under and above a firmamentGenesis 1:7
2.2If below is equidistant from above, and above is a circle, then below is the centerIsaiah 40:22
3A compass (drawing instrument) has a central point and draws a circle
3.1God set a compass on the face of the deepProverbs 8:27
4The center of creation is a gravitational singularity
4.1The concept of sinking down will occur in the context of the second day (Hypothesis 21)Job 38:6
4.2Eternity exists as timelessness at the center of the EarthEcclesiastes 3:11
5The cosmos has an absolute frame of reference
5.1The foundations of the Earth have been established foreverPsalms 78:69
Evidence, Observations and Theories from which we deduce Principle I.

Part 2 – Core Accretion

Evidence, Observation or TheoryScripture
1The banded iron formations and other Precambrian fossils were deposited
1.1Suspended sediment was deposited in concentric layers around the singularityJob 28:3
2This took place as a gaseous atmosphere containing oxygen was forming
2.1An oxygen-rich atmosphere formedGenesis 1:20
3During core accretion heavy atomic weight elements were concentrated in the core
3.1At the fall of man nuclear decay began and the core of the Earth meltedDeuteronomy 32:22
– Evidence, Observations and Theories from which we deduce Principle I.

Part 3 – Gravitational Time Dilation

Evidence, Observation or TheoryScripture
1Gravity gets weaker, and time passes faster, the further away from the center of the Earth you are
1.1The Bible includes an equation for gravitational time dilation (GTD)2 Peter 3:8
2GPS satellites depend on time dilation consistent with it being a field emitted from the center of the Earth
2.1Time passes more slowly as you approach the center of the EarthMatthew 16:4
– Evidence, Observations and Theories from which we deduce Principle I.

October 21st – Principle I

God Can’t Lie and the Bible is True

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