March 15

Jeremiah’s Logic

Thus says the LORD: “If the heavens above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth below can be explored, then I will cast off all the offspring of Israel for all that they have done, declares the LORD.”

(Jeremiah 31:37) ESV

Today we begin to look at how the Bible handles references to features of the mantle. From this we’ll piece together a picture of the interior of the Earth. It’s important to know how little we really know about it.

  • IF God will cast off the seed of Israel if:
    1. heaven above can be measured, or
    2. the foundations of the earth can be searched out beneath,
  • BUT God doesn’t cast off the seed of Israel,
  • THEN:
    1. heaven above can’t be measured,
    2. the foundations of the earth can’t be searched out beneath,

The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters; the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook.

(Proverbs 18:4) ESV

Deduction is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? We deal with the fact that we haven’t measured the heavens in the daily devotional for April, the creative work of the 4th day. As regards exploring the Earth beneath we can do two things at this point:

  1. Deduce a model of the internal structure of the Earth from:
    • what the Bible tells us about it,
    • seismological data.
  2. Show how the model accounts for:
    • physical evidence,
    • empirical observations,
    • human history,
    • global warming.
1Jeremiah’s LogicJeremiah 31:37
2Biblical Features of the MantleLuke 16:22
3Faith vs. Sight2 Corinthians 4:18
4Matty’s RazorGalatians 1:12
5We all have the same evidenceJohn 9:41
SalvationRomans 10:9-10

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